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Sheep near St. Remy

"Our painting class with Jill was the highlight of our time in Arles! After soaking in inspiration of the art & culture of the region, it was especially incredible to try our hand at oil painting for a bit. 

Jill is one of those people who you feel like you’ve known forever from the instant you meet her. She is warm, welcoming, gracious, immediately making us feel at home for the day-long oil painting workshop in her home-studio.  My husband and I had very little experience with oil painting, but it didn’t really matter - Jill spent time explaining how to mix and blend the colors to achieve the hues we were looking for, and guided us as we each painted from photographs (it was a rainy, so we didn’t have the option of painting in the garden, but it worked out perfectly. We loved every bit of our time with Jill!"

- Molly Kimball, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA



“Jill’s painting class was amazing. I had never really painted before, and she gave easy to follow instructions about how to get started, techniques, and what to look for when painting.  Her years of experience as a professor and artist came through in her instruction and education about Van Gogh as well as other artists. I highly recommend painting with Jill when in the Arles and surrounding areas.” - Brad Schlotterer, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA



"What a sensational week! Being taught by Jill has been a joy. She is brilliant company and such an amazing teacher even for complete beginners like me. Learning about colour mixing, light and shade, how to make parts of a painting pop .... I could go on for ages. If you are thinking about spending time with a highly knowledgeable, highly skilled and a simply delightful person , then I really recommend some time with Jill. I will definitely be back for some more guidance. If you want to discuss my experience painting in Provence please drop me a note on" - Steve Arthurson, Melbourne, Australia



“I am an emerging artist who really wanted to paint in southern France but was very hesitant to take a chance with a stranger, although Julie Mauntner recommended Jill Douglas highly. I called Jill before I arrived and began to feel better about having committed to paint with her for a day (or as it turned out, two mornings given the heat wave).  The experience of painting with Jill far exceeded my expectations. Not only is Jill a charming person to meet, but she is a master teacher on many levels.  She clearly communicates composition, selecting the scene, and color mixing.  She individualized the approach to working with me and paced the creative process.  Not to mention that she selected a great site, provided transportation and provisions for an ideal plein air experience! And at the end of the second session I had an unforgettable painting. I am so grateful to both Jill and Julie and would not hesitate to continue to provide recommendations.” - Carol L. Starr, Educational Consultant, Washington D.C.

“I have been painting with Jill for over 15 years. What started as small lessons turned into a mentorship that went above and beyond what I received from a college education from a Fine Art School. I have shown internationally, won prizes, and raised money with my art, and there is no doubt in my mind that it is because of the wonderful work relationship and friendship I have had with Jill.”  -   Francesa Q



“I have taken classes with Jill for many years. She has been both teacher and friend to me.  Her sensibility and approach to painting inspired me to go beyond my comfort zone and take risks.  Jill  has not only the skills necessary to be a great teacher but also the empathy to communicate with kindness and care.  In class we explored all venues for creativity ….cooking, reading, movies, music and more. The studio became a salon that encouraged artistic and life values the fusion of which was our art.”  -  Lisette



Jill Douglas's expertise, intuition, and kindness make her a remarkable contribution to the arts education community. She has mentored and taught me from childhood to adolescence and now into adulthood. Under her careful guidance I developed hand and eye skills that are now impossible to shake. The way I view the arts, my own work, and to be honest, life in general has expanded and become richer under her care and influence. Her curiosity breeds curiosity. Her optimism and bravery begets the same. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with her so many years ago.  -  Monica Ceresito



“Dear Jill

I hope that you are continuing to enjoy your beautiful part of the world.  I already miss it.  You really helped me to solidify my thinking about my art.  Your suggestions about color, placement, and brush strokes were exactly what I needed to finally get what confuses me about composition.  And I agree with you, composition is everything!!  You were so generous with me.  I saw so much and was so inspired.

 But there is no one as kind, generous, and knowledgeable as you.  I will be forever grateful to you for making this passion in my life a reality.

See you again in Provence.





“I was understandably nervous about taking Jill’s course in France as I had never painted before … Upon arrival she swept us up for a walk into the nearby village to familiarise us with the surrounding landscape. The first evening we had a wonderful dinner prepared by a local cook and were joined by other artists who lived nearby, all with extraordinary stories to share.

Chauffeured by the delightful Etienne, we went to different sites each day. We walked in the steps of Van Gogh and painted views that he had made famous, as well as visiting beautiful vineyards and hill top towns. We experienced so much culture along with painting, but it never felt rushed as we also had plenty of time in the studio. It is as if Jill is a match-maker assuring a wonderful mix of people, since our course ended our entire group has stayed in touch. I will definitely be going back , and not only because Jill is a genuinely gifted teacher, but also because of what I’m positive will be another adventure worth doing, again and again. By the time I left I believed I could paint!”  -  Roxanne



“I have always been intimidated by drawing and painting until I met a Jill...I had private lessons with her over a period of time, and am now so grateful for that time spent together.  She opened up a whole new world for me.”  -  Anne Hallock



"I was never more inspired and productive with my paintings as I was when enrolled in Jill’s class. Her insights and guidance were invaluable, and she’s also just a vibrant, fun, wonderful person to be around."  - Kirsten Getchell



"My first official painting class was with Jill at Brentwood Art Center in Santa Monica. I was nervous to paint in front of such talented people, most whom had been painting with Jill for many, many years. The atmosphere was supportive, welcoming and fun. I quickly became comfortable and never looked back. Jill’s instruction & feedback helped us all move forward in our own directions, our own creativity, take risks and stay in the joy of painting. Sadly she moved to France! But, I still have to consult with her on color because no-one is better than her! Thank you, Jill for your continued support. We miss you dearly in every class!"  -  Michele Perrone



“I had taken off a number of years from painting. When I decided it was time to give it another try, I was happily surprised to have Jill as my new instructor. Lucky me. She had me happily painting again. Her help was immeasurable. It has been a joy painting with her. I miss her, and will take every opportunity to paint with her whenever possible.” 

-  Barbara Cowan



“Jill has such a knowledgeable background of art. She thoroughly enjoys teaching her students and sharing her expertise with them.”  - Jim Behm



“Jill is talented, insightful, and patient. As one who primarily writes and teaches  English, and has had minimal confidence with drawing and color, I can only give her the best praise for her encouragement of me and her powerful gifts as an artist and teacher!”  - Gary Todd Professor, English Dept. Santa Monica College



“Jill Douglas was my art teacher for five + years.  She helped me so much with color, perspective, and gave me have confidence to continue working on my paintings.  Jill has a gift for teaching.  I've also been privileged to see how she works with both individual students and groups, so that her students can look at their own work, and others' work, and see how to improve a particular painting.”  -  Nancy Jaffe



“Jill Douglas was my teacher at Brentwood Art School in California for almost 14 years. I had never painted and I learned everything I know from her. She is the BEST!  I even sell some of my paintings now. Jill can paint anything and is very knowledgable about color. Thank you forever Jill.”  -  Abbey Gallant


"Jill is a wonderfully positive, supportive, and friendly teacher.  As someone new to painting, her encouragement of each student's authentic talents propelled us all forward in her classes.  I highly recommend her!”   -  Denise Rabinovitch



“Your comments and suggestions about my work are always appropriate and are  offered as a suggestion not a command, and my work is always improved by them.. :))”  -  Lorraine Gardner


“After 45 years of drawing inactivity, I wasn’t sure I still had it. 

Jill was the best thing that happened to me.  She guided me through her drawing class so that at the end, I was back on the bike.  She is patient and supportive. 

Unfortunately, I was in her last class at Brentwood, or I would still be working with her." 

-  Dennis Horlick


“Jill Douglas is an outstanding art instructor. I was a student of hers for three years in California, only stopping classes when she moved to France. I had never painted before and Jill literally opened my eyes to not only the world around but to deep springs of creativity within. She consistently brought wonderful revelations to class. For example, she reminded us that one of the keys to good painting is found on the edges, where the colors meet and interact. I enthusiastically recommend Jill Douglas!”

 - Rene Gascou


" for over 5 years I had the good fortune to have Jill as my art instructor. Her insights and kind encouragement improved my skills and gave me the freedom to create better works of art"

 - Marc Lerner


I don’t think I had drawn since I was a young child when I started Jill’s class. I had been dancing around the periphery of aspects of my creativity for some time. Jill was an immediate inspiration. She teaches intuitively and from the heart, often sharing wonderful stories that take you on imaginative journeys through art and history and time. Jill approaches her teaching through empowerment. She is so sure there is an artist within everyone. And she has a facility with helping to bring that artist out. I highly recommend any class or workshop. Your wings will start to take flight. 

- Sarah Minwalla



It was a wonderful experience for me working with Jill Douglas for the many years that I did. She was always very helpful and encouraging and made painting a fun and rewarding pastime. Thanks Jill.

 -   Dick Johnson


I have been painting with Jill for ten years starting with beginning drawing and now painting with acrylics. I learned all I know about painting from her including composition and especially use of color. I could not have had a better teacher and guide into the wonderful world of creating art on canvas.

 -  Patty Capps

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