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© Marion Brun

I was born in England, descended from a family of artists, and with a few guides along the way, I became a painter in my own right. Since my early twenties I have lived abroad, first in Paris, then in California and now I have returned to France, this time in Provence.

My art has being influenced by the familiar English and French countryside. Trees, objects and light filled interiors, give awareness to the all-important surrounding space.

Spatial relationships, edges, surface texture and light and colour, all contribute to a luminous distillation of subject, reducing it to its silent essence.


In Los Angeles I was on the faculty of a fine arts school for many years, had  private students and also mentored artists at my studio in Santa Monica. I am now offering art sojourns throughout the year in France. I adore France and have explored many regions and beautiful places to paint.

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